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Whether you're looking to consolidate bills, remodel your home or pay for an education, a home equity loan is a smart way to borrow. Contact our home equity loan specialist, Doug Ferguson, anytime at 217.726.0268 for information about getting a personal loan.

With a home equity loan from Marine Bank, you can put the hard work and money you’ve invested in your house to work for you. Whether you want to consolidate bills, remodel your home or pay for a college education, using the equity in your home is the smart way to borrow.

Marine Bank home equity loans offer flexible terms and competitive interest rates that are generally lower than credit cards and other personal loans. You may be able to deduct home equity loan interest payments from your taxes – ask your tax advisor to be sure.

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Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan provides a specific amount of money for a defined term, with rates that are generally lower than the interest rates on other types of loans or credit cards.

Home equity debt consolidator calculator
Home equity application form (PDF)

Flexible Line of Credit

Another smart option for borrowing is a revolving line of credit. The maximum line you can qualify for is based directly on the equity you’ve built in your home.






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